Lexicon Variations

There are different variations on the Lexicon Rules, here is an incomplete list of them:

Turn Variations(Edit)

These variations are variations on the Turn structure of a Lexicon, usually ending up with fewer turns.

Single-letter Turns(Edit)

The original rules call for each letter to have their own turn in sequence, so it ends up with 26 turns and then end. Depending on the length of each turn, this can end up with a Lexicon game that runs for quite a decent stretch of time.

Double-letter Turns(Edit)

In this variant, each turn comprises of two letters, so the first turn would include A and B, then the next turn B and C, etc. This, as you might expect, ends up with a game of roughly half-length.

Phonepad Turns(Edit)

In this variant, each turn contains 3-4 letters, in a configuration matching that of a mobile phone pad. The structure of this is usually ABC, DEF, GHI, JKL, MNO, PQRS, TUV, WXYZ, for a total of 8 turns until end.

Sequence Variations(Edit)

These variations change the sequence of letters, so that the turns aren't strictly alphabetical.


The original rules call for an alphabetical sequence, going from A, all the way through to Z.

Backwards Alphabetical(Edit)

A simple variation where the game starts at Z, and goes all the way back to A.

Random Letter(Edit)

In this variation, the sequence of letters chosen is entirely random. The random schedule can be chosen ahead of time, or as the game progresses.

Content Variations(Edit)

These variation change the actual content of each entry, either adding extra restrictions or removing them.


The original rules call for each entry to be vaguely encyclopedic. Note that on most Lexicons, this rule is very loosely applied, especially near the end where people tend to just go nuts.

Unbound Content(Edit)

In this variation, there are no restrictions on entry content. The content must still follow the general rules of the game by referencing other entries, but there is no set structure required - as long as there is information and references, it's all good.

Extra/Less References(Edit)

In this variation, instead of the standard 1 backwards/2 forwards referencing, another format is used, either forcing more referencing, or allowing less. Citation rules generally still apply, so these sorts of rules can restrict what entries a writer is allowed to work on.

Epic Poetry(Edit)

In theory, there is nothing stopping a Lexicon from generating continuous narratives. In this variant, each entry becomes the next stanza of a Epic Poem.

Constant Storyline(Edit)

Like the Epic Poetry variation, the players work to create a continuous story throughout their entries. This tends to mean that the story is written chronologically, but players wanting a real challenge could conceivably have the narrative in alphabetical order, regardless of the order in which each part of the story is written.