Barbarism of the Mongols, The

by Miss Nina Green

The first instance of the Byzantium plague was recorded in the 6th century in the Holy Byzantium Empire. Numerous waves swept the European Isles between the 7th century and the 14th century. The worst outbreak was in the 13th century which killed ¾ of the population.

Subsequently the First Mongol Invasion of the European Isles occurred in 1390. The decimated population put up little resistance. In 1410 the Frank Rebellion occurred which the Mongols put down with bloody ferocity. Whole families were executed for having one rebellious member and buildings burned with the occupants inside them. The church was forced underground and polytheism became a matter of law.

The Mongols introduced a highly stratified and segregated society. Women could only be treated by women doctors and apothecaries and even nuns were kept illiterate. Mongolian became the legal lingua franca.